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1 HOUR of AMAZING HQ SPACE VIDEO - The BEST of Discovery Space

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The best Discovery space footage! Everything from man's first steps on the moon to newly discovered alien planets. It's the past, present, and future of space exploration! Do you love nature? Use Magisto's "Wild Nature" filter on your own video to win a prize pack from Discovery. Enter at Put this on your Chromecast and let it play! Watch the whole playlist of Discovery space videos here: Subscribe For More Space Videos: ;list=PLWEJ2vf0QOw3BMENGYTze0y2BPx_uJyF5 What's in here? einstein hawking black holes supernova space universe stars solar system comets asteroids cosmos cosmic galaxies planets mars sun moon earth nasa hubble cern lhc inflationary theory guth wmap documentary conspiracy ufo nature environment science spiritualism commentary cosmology astronomy astrophysics physics hyper space faster than light light aliens planet orbit Solar System (Star System) Alien Galaxy Black Holes & Exploding Stars cosmic journeys space telescope astronomy nasa esa universe cosmos solar system planets milky way black holes dark energy spitzer Cosmic Journeys BBC Documentary Deep Space astronomy celestial moon planet star nebula galaxy supernova gamma ray cosmology universe astrology space laser photon radiation dark matter

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