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Bionic Six 1987 Episode 59 Of 65 - The Monkey Has Landed

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This is Episode 59 "The Monkey Has Landed" of the Bionic Six 1987 series. My favorite show of the 80's. I have uploaded the complete series here on YouTube on my channel. Synopsis: An unknown spacecraft from outside the solar system is heading towards Earth. Prof. Sharp sends the Bionic Six to make contact the ship before it lands. Both the Bionic Six and the United Air Patrol fail, and the spacecraft lands in front of the U.N. building, revealing its inhabitant: a sentient, English-speaking monkey. The monkey was sent by the Intergalactic Congress to review Earth for entry. However, Scarab has other plans. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE SERIES USING THE LINK BELOW: IT IS A TORRENT FILE. YOU WILL NEED A BIT TORRENT CLIENT TO OPEN THIS FILE WHICH WILL DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE SERIES. THE FULL SERIES IS 12.75GB WHICH IS ALMOST 13GB. YOU CAN USE UTORRENT WHICH CAN BE DOWNLOADED FROM HERE: IT'S FAST AND LIGHT. YOU CAN USE THAT OR ANY OTHER TORRENT CLIENT TO DOWNLOAD THE TORRENT FILE WHICH WILL DOWNLOAD THE COMPLETE SERIES ON YOUR COMPUTER. YOU CAN ALSO USE VLC MEDIA PLAYER AND STREAM YOUTUBE LINKS TO IT AND SAVE THEM AT THE SAME TIME. DOWNLOAD IT FROM:

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