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Dracula (2009) 1h 22min ♥ FULL MOVIE

dracula kino

DRACULA Rating: 4 STARS USA 2009. Critic Reviews: Honourable Mention: Dracula (2009) Full HOLLYWOOD STUDIO Movies Director/Producer - George Anton Screenplay by George Anton, Philip David Lee & Dan Martino Music by Jasha Klebe Executive Producer Dan Martino Co-Producer Derek Baker with Special Appearance of Ivan Crasci. Production Company -- Anton Pictures. Cast: Dan Martino (Matt), Gary Youst (Dr Abe Van Helsing/Jon, Matt's Father), Derek Baker (Jonathan Harker/Dean the Hollywood Producer), Patrick Kaiser (Detective Seward), Collin Sutton (Reinfeld), Alex Arleo (Holmwood), Ivan Crasci (Vinnie), Melissa LeSage (Dana), Wayne Baldwin (Van Helsing's Grandfather/Sam the Office Worker), Ginger Pullman (Lucy Westenra), John Caraccioli (Count Dracula), Lala Hensley (Mina Murray), Kelly C. Ryan (Linda, Matt's Mother) Plot: In present-day Los Angeles, the psychiatrist Van Helsing tries to convince police detective Seward of the actuality of vampires. He is insistent that Count Dracula is conducting a killing spree in the city, having set his sights on seducing the entertainment show reporter Lucy Westenra. Van Helsing becomes obsessive in his quest for more knowledge about vampires. Realtor Jonathan Harker is sent to Transylvania to conduct a deal for Count Dracula and encounters colleague Reinfeld who has gone crazy. Harker makes an escape from Dracula's castle and returns to L.A., infected by the vampire's bite. At the same time, Matt, a struggling screenwriter in the city, must deal with parental disdain as he struggles to sell his big script. Read more about Dracula@  Richard Scheib   . THE PASSIONS OF JESUS CHRIST [2012] FULL MOVIE AMERICAN STYLE [2012] Full Movie NEW! Watch Full Movie Here: Sherlock Holmes [2011] God's Game [2011] - Remastered Edition: Watch Born Into Mafia - FULL MOVIE [2011]   Dracula arrives in Los Angeles to drain Hollywood of blood. Van Helsing is looking for Dracula to revenge his dead father. Lucy is missing in action and Mina is kidnapped. Matt is looking for closure. Trivia: "Minute 7:35 sec. The Crew forgot the script sitting on the motorcycle. The Director went back in the basement in the middle of the night and placed two vampire related pages on top of the script." Melissa LeSage on Model Mayhem: Sexy Secretary here: 2 Years Anniversary Edition in HIGH DEFINITION - HD

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