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Head And Shoulders In Dahmers Bathtub Amoebic Dysentery EPISODE 35
Alex: fine..but Laura?
Laura: What?
Alex: *puppy face* can I have your number?
Laura: fine.
writes down Allies number and gives it to him
Alex: Thanks! *hugs her*
Laura: welcome little man.
Alex: little?
Laura: uhh, big guy, tough guy..
Alex: *smiles*

Polly: run along now.laura and I need to talk to allie and nat for a minute
Alex: ooo you guys are in troubleBYE! *runs out the door*
Laura: *closes the door*
Allie: um mom.what is this about?
Polly: you two
Nat: *takes her hand* what about us?
Laura: we dont think you two should be in a long distance relationship
Allie: *squeezes nats hand tighter* what?! Thats not your decision!
Nat: Mom! This is none of your business I dont understand why you are saying this and-
laura and Polly start laughing
Allie: This isnt funny!
Polly: you two are so funny
Laura: it was a joke? *smiles and starts laughing again*
Nat: that wasn't funny!!!!!!
Allie: *laughs*
Nat: why are you laughing!?
Allie: you're so cute when you're mad *giggles*
Nat: umh.. *red*
Allie: aww, look at him.
Nat: *runs out of the bathroom*
ladies laugh
some seconds later
Polly: Ah, boy *wipes her eyes*
Laura: we embarrassed him pretty good.Allie go find him and make sure hes got some dignity left
Allie: *giggles* ok *leaves*
Laura: those two are something else
Polly: yes they are
with nat
Nat: how many roads most a man walk down befo-
Allie walks in
Allie: *laughs*
Nat: umh.. it's a good song.
Allie: yea, sure *giggles* are you okay?
Nat: fine-ish
Allie: just fine-ish? *intertwines theyre fingers*
Nat: well now Im all better
Allie: *puts her head on his shoulders and looks up at him* how better?
Nat: a lot better *smiles and kisses her*
Allie: *just smiles*
Nat: baby?
Allie: as in a 3 year ol-
Nat: nope, as in my baby. *smiles*
Allie: *giggles* what Nat?
Nat: it will work right?
Allie: what will?
Nat: a long distance relationship.
Allie: Of course
Nat: *looks at her* how?
Allie: how about every Friday either you or I will drive to each others places and spend the weekend together?
Nat: erm Friday? You may not have school on Friday but I do
Allie: I meant after *laughs*
Nat: oh *flushes* yea
Allie: *wraps her arms around his neck* Well make it work nat, I promise
Nat: *hugs her* okay
Allie: i love you.
Nat: i love you too, do you think i could get a tattoe saying "i love Allie" on my butt?
Allie: *laughs* no, you're too young.
Nat: if i was old enough?
Allie: don't get a tattoe.
Nat: but, but-
Allie: no buts.
Nat: fine-ish.
Allie: *laughs*
Nat: But *allie looks at him* I mean...the two natalliesome tattoos are coming, dont forget
Allie: Oh I wont.
Nat: so*smiles* if I let you put mine on can I put yours on? *raises his eyebrows up and down*
Allie: Well see
Nat: so yeah?
Allie: dont push it
Nat: hmpf.......... will you make out with me?
Allie: heck yea.
she takes him to her room, and they hit it of. . . Ahaha only making outAN: gosh guys dont have such a sick mind..no jk
with Alex
Alex: laura, with tears of you rain-damn it, i've already used that lyrics.. umhhh.. -
- Laura, can't you give me some time,
I got to give myself one more chance.
To be the man that I know I am.
To be the man that I know I am.
Won't you just tell Cincinnati,
I'm Gonna need your love.
Don't you give me your love...... stupid scissor sister already made that!!!
Alex: hmmm *pulls out lauras number and writes a text that says: how do you feel about love songs?*
with nat and allie
*nats sitting on the edge of the bed and allies in his lap so shes straddling him and theyre both kissing*
Nat: *slowly pulls her off him and lays her down on the bed so hes hovering over her, and theyre still kissing*
Allie: *between a kiss* nat.be a good boy
Nat: okay okay *continues to kiss her*
allies phone starts blaring

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