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atb the dj in the mix get tune

In Love With The DJ atb This is my personaly "thank you" to ATB for his phenomenaly music that helps me in every situation of my life!!!

UPDATE 10.03.2011

I just read a lot of comments you made and I'm still suprised how many people write comments about this video. I'm very proud that you still keep this video alive with all that comments! At the moment there are over 1200 comments!!! I want to thank you all :))) and I also try to answer every question.

UPDATE 09.21.2011

Unbelieveable!!! Over 2 million people watched this video. I'm so happy about that :)))))))

UPDATE 10.25.2010
Well, it seems like André decided to delete my video from his Myspace site. Im actually a little bit sad about that because it think it was a good promotion for him and it was the first and only fan video which was shown on this page.

But we yes WE, all the Fans! got actually over 1.7 millions so keep up going to 2 millions of views!

Don't forget, this movie was also made for all the ATB Fans of the World!!!

We believe in "ATB" !!!

All brands, names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners!

Рейтинг: 0

Певец: atb

Песня: In Love With The DJ

Длина файла: 06:47

Дата добавления: 2015-03-30

Текст просмотрен: 507


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Текст песни:

Maybe you are with the lonely
And maybe you can't get to sleep at night
It keeps on like a little trance
Through the heart and back again
Like a stranger who promises he won't forget you

I'm in love with the DJ
Till you know
Play my song Mr DJ

I've read everything about you
So don't talk, there's nothing left to say tonight
Like a moth in a windowpane
I can see what I can't get
As the star fades out into the lonely morning

ATB "In Love With The DJ"
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