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Silent tears очень красивая игра на гитаре Catharsis Hi Guyz.. How are you guyz doing. Here is New version of my old song "Silent Tears". I composed this song together with jessie my ex-band member.. I hope you like this new acoustic version. This song is about a prostitute who wants to renew her life but society judege her becoz of her past...

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"Silent Tears"

Her flawless smile
exploring eyes
she can never erase her past
it's haunting her life
she can't live a lie
the burden she can never mend

she's in her bathroom tub
cutting her right wrist hard
letting the blood falls on white marble floor.
they hurt her mind, they hurt her soul
she's got nowhere else to go

the scar she hides
on her other side
afraid true may destroy her life
she wondered why
the pain inside won't let her off this time

words unspoken,heart is broken
with all these burden
try to reopen

but I'm strong enough to live without you
i don't need your stupid useless words
I'm gonna life.. no feeling weak
I don't need these silent tears anymore..

Composed & Written by :Calvin Lynn & Jessica Quintin

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Певец: Catharsis

Песня: Silent tears (очень красивая игра на гитаре)

Длина файла: 05:11

Дата добавления: 2015-03-10

Текст просмотрен: 573


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Текст песни:

Sky full of stars's
Before my eyes
My inane look
It calmly took

My only friend
Is air land
Eternal world
Is grey and cold

My soul is tough
It's strong enough
I'm sure I'll win
For loss I'm mean

My story's frank
It's out of rank
Of usual tales
Where feeling fails

There's no end
In such a trend
Where love is hold
On sorrow fold

Remember me
And never flee
From my embrace
To other place

The tension edge
No one can gage
I can't forget...
My eyes are wet...

My sufferings're great
Of tears they're made
I will prevent
My torturement...

Silent Tears (Original)
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