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The Little Things музыка из фильма особо опасен финальные титры Danny Elfman Danny Elfman is one of the most famous composers in the film industry, so of course I was going to do a video on his music eventually. Here are my personal favorite songs that he has done. Before anyone asks, I am aware he didn't compose the original Mission Impossible theme, but he did redo it for the film, which is the version which is on the list.

Complete List:

1 - Batman: Main Theme
2 - Alice in Wonderland: Alice's Theme
3 - Spider Man: Main Theme
4 - The Nightmare Before Christmas: This is Halloween
5 - Men in Black: Main Theme
6 - Mission Impossible: Main Theme
7 - Terminator Salvation: Opening
8 - The Simpsons: Main Theme
9 - Batman Returns: The Cemetery
10 - Charlotte's Web: Introducing Charlotte

Honorable Mention - Edward Scissorhands: The Ice Dance

What do you think of this list? How would you change it if you made this video? Let me now in the comments, I'm always interested in what people have to say.

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Певец: Danny Elfman

Песня: The Little Things (музыка из фильма особо опасен финальные титры)

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