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песня crash

Crash Fit For Rivals Download:
Music video for "Crash" by Fit For Rivals.

Filmed on the RED One Camera System by Black Chalk Productions. Directed by Gus and Luke Holwerda.

"Crash" is the official theme song for the 2010 WWE "Over the limit" Pay Per View event!

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Band bio:

Yes, that's a girl singing. Yes, that's the sound of rock and roll, whiskey and cigarettes. Yes, that's the sound of your arm in a bear trap, a jaguar in a top hat and a shark with a baseball bat.

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Певец: Fit For Rivals

Песня: Crash

Длина файла: 02:51

Дата добавления: 2014-10-22

Текст просмотрен: 596


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Текст песни:

Don't know where I'm going.
Everybody's running,everybody's running.
Come back,after all is broken.
Everything is burning, no one is returning.

Step back, step back, everybody step back, step

Fit For Rivals - "Crash" HD
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