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September Jeff The Killer Here the FULL version of my animation/PMV on Jeff The killer!
I've finally finished it! Even if i botched the end, yeah... i had another fucking block on it, then... i was fucking tired of it!
Anyway, hope you like it guys! |'3

Q : Why PMV? It is not for Pony Music Video?
A : I know, i know! But basically i use this for mean "PICTURE music video"

Q : Are you a Brony?
A : I just watched season 1 of MLP, but after no, not at all.

Q : Jeff doesn't have blue eyes? And Liu brown hair?
A : Show me the official references? No? So, it's just the way how i imagine them.

Q : Liu not die! Why?!
A : Liu die in this video, calm down it's just a fanmade. In the original story, we all don't know if he die. There's just "Go To Sleep", i think it's just a way for make us questionning about it and imagine if he yes or no die. After, there's a fanfic "Homidicial Liu". But i'll do a comic on him, "Liu After Story", it will be my own fanfic/comic about him, a little bit like Homicidial Liu, but really different.

Q : Do you will make others PMV?
A : Maybeeee~! When i'll have the time for.

Q : What do you use for make this? Where the music is from?
A : I wrote it in the end of the video.

Q : Do you have a deviantart?
A : Yes of course! :

Q : Do you have a tumblr?
A : An art blog here :

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Певец: Jeff The Killer

Песня: September

Длина файла: 03:24

Дата добавления: 2015-03-08

Текст просмотрен: 739


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Текст песни:

I can't remember
What happened in September
When everything is gone
When it's dark and I'm alone

It's been forever
Since I could have remembered
Where the hell is everypony
I just want to know the story
Of what happened right before
I became so alone.

Still can't remember
What happened in September
Back when everypony died
Trails of blood during my stride

I just discovered that
the ponies were defeated
by something really strong
it seemed very weird and wrong
it just doesn't belong
like it came out of this world.

I've regained a small memory
Came to my head just like that suddenly
I think I've gotten a clue
Something tells me this is worse than what I knew.

I just remembered
What happened in September
I'm the one who killed them all
I survived after the fall.

SEPTEMBER [Jeff The Killer] PMV (original)
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