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Pretend We Never Loved Absolute Boyfriend OST Jiro Wang Mil disculpas a todos los que vieron mi video en mi anterior canal SOLMARS OKAYASU .. :( y que lo buscaron y no pudieron encontrarlo !! El poblema fue que
BORRARON MI CANAL ANTERIOR !!! Y bueno lo subi denuevo .. A qui les dejo otra vez DISFUTENLO !

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Певец: Jiro Wang

Песня: Pretend We Never Loved (Absolute Boyfriend OST)

Длина файла: 04:17

Дата добавления: 2014-10-19

Текст просмотрен: 461


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Текст песни:

Why had my eyes got soaked and rusty without tears?
I understand all your demands
But my arms are too cold to hug you

I'd never expected that this steel heart will bleed
Who can help me black out myself ?
Turn me into waste lest I should grieve

If memory access is useless
who will have blind faith in love ?
For what do I keep this shell of man?

Break up me !Discard me! And throw me to the end of the world!
It's not hopeful but painful to keep loving me. No...no...

Please efface me! Please consent to strive to pretend that we'd never loved
Don't be sympathetic to me. Anyhow, I've never felt pain

Jiro wang 汪東城 OST Pretend We Never Loved / ABSOLUTE BOYFRIEND 絕對達令 (Sub español + Taiwanes)
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