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lav zang

piano lav zang *edit* We are the Hui Zheng lab at BCM and study Alzheimer's Disease. Thanks everyone for your comments and words of encouragement! We had no idea this would spread like it has, but I guess some of these feelings are universal and international!. This was all in good fun and took us only a few days to do the filming and editing. If you are caught in a bad project, best of luck and hope you can turn it around soon!

Our submission for the Molecular and Human Genetics Retreat 2011 at Baylor College of Medicine. We decided to parody Lady Gaga's Bad Romance with a science twist. Many thanks to On the Rocks for the dance moves, and for the mouse video.

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Певец: lav zang

Песня: piano

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Дата добавления: 2015-06-08

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