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саундтреки к фильму из 13 в 30

Why Can't I? саундтрек к фильму "Из 13 в 30" Liz Phair Exile in Guyville is American indie rock singer-songwriter Liz Phair's debut album. It was released in June 1993 to widespread critical and commercial success, still appearing today in many critics' best-of lists. It is also considered a landmark in alternative rock music. As of July 2010, the album had sold 491,000 copies.
Track Listing:
1. 6'1''
2. Help Me Mary
3. Glory
4. Dance of the Seven Veils
5. Never Said
6. Soap Star Joe
7. Explain It to Me
8. Canary
9. Mesmerizing
10. Fuck and Run
11. Girls! Girls! Girls
12. Divorce Song
13. Shatter
14. Flower
15. Johnny Sunshine
16. Gunshy
17. Stratford-On-Guy
18. Strange Loop
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Певец: Liz Phair

Песня: Why Can't I? (саундтрек к фильму "Из 13 в 30")

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