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Ka-boom Ka-boom Мэрлин Мэнсон Introducing Ka-Boom! The Fire Trap Master Skylander! We have some Hands-On Gameplay and Toy Footage of this new Giant Human-Looking Fire Character from Gamescon 2014. He has a Traptanium Canon that shoots Traptanium Mortars & Canon Balls. He can use it to launch forward and leave fiery flames behind! Thumbs up if you like the Hulk Hogan Skylander! ;)

He has all of his upgrades and path although since we could not go over them, we aren't sure of the names and if all are shown. But you will some moves that are not standard for Ka-Boom!

The level is Soda Springs w/ Gulper and Creep Sheep.

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Kaboom Gameplay
Kaboom Unboxing
Kaboom skylanders
ka boom gameplay
ka boom unboxing
ka boom skylanders

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Ka-Boom! [Fire Trap Master Fully Upgraded Gameplay] Skylanders Trap Team Hands-On (GAMESCON 2014)
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