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parov stelar all night

All Night Parov Stelar Song: All Night
Artist: Parov Stelar

First of all:
Thanks for your great response. This really helps a lot.

About a few questions:
- I'm really looking forward to making some new videos. Maybe in other styles, clothing or kind of music.
- For those who asked for a tutorial: I'm planing to do so. About a special move or sth. Maybe about the Charleston or the Shuffle elements. But this needs quite a bit more time. I\'m pretty busy learning for my exams right now

Again... thanks a lot.

Best regards,

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Певец: Parov Stelar

Песня: All Night

Длина файла: 02:46

Дата добавления: 2016-01-09

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Parov Stelar - All Night (JSM)
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