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BIG FAT DRUMS - THE RETURN part5 SEVEN BARONI When you break and participate at many competitions and jams in different places with your crew or not, you will meet other BBoys & BGirls, who have different styles. With their diversity and the exchange you are able to amend your own style and mind. A lot of these people even followed and supported us in any ways in the last years and I want to thank them for the great and funny time with a compilation of themselves.
Of course I wasn't able to put ALL people/friends in the movie too much. So sorry for that! Many of these people have their own footage on youtube, so if you want to see more of them, check their names, crews etc.

BBoy Alex Osnabrooklyn, BBoy Andrew Showroom Dummies, BGirl Anna Active How I met A BGirl, BBoy Chung Holland, BBoy Denncen Maschine Rockt, Beat Nuggets, BBoy Epic Australia, BBoy Iron Monkey USA, BBoy Jacker Austria, BBoy Jas Germany, BBoy Krazy Kayzo South Africa, BBoy LafiLegz TNT Crew, BBoy Matt Canada, BBoy Niko Twisty Germany, BBoy Philly Vanilly OsnaFlavour, Beat Nuggets, SD Mambo Crew Spain, BBoy Sens Germany, BBoy Skillkid Germany, BGirl Sophie Austria, BBoy Streuner Germany, BBoy Sunz Masterplan, Beat Nuggets, BBoy Sania Greece, BBoy Wal-D OsnaFlavour, Beat NUggets

Mighty Mike Germany

Para & Baila - Breakin' Bread Mix Vol.1
Para - High Speed Dubbing
Seven Baroni - Big Fat Drums The Return
DJ Foureyez - My Original Art Form Mixtape 2011

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