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Anime Zone: Code Geass R2 Anime Review

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Well here's my code geass R2 review, a review I never would have done if it wasn't HEAVILY requested. Yeah I never planned to do this review because I knew I would just be ranting about the bad points, since I already covered all the good points in my first review, but you guys didn't shut up about it so I finally gave in and did it. So I wouldn't know if I could call this a review, or more just a structured criticism of the season, meh whatever. When I released it I fully expected a lot of hate (considering most of my subscribers were code geass fans) from all the bad points I brought up but...surprisingly most people agreed with me in the end (Especially the Nina part haha) This also marks the first review I went wide screen and started using Sony Vegas for editing, so I like to mark this review onwards as the "good" quality reviews. Not that I don't like my old reviews but I think from this point on I was given a lot more freedom to do the jokes I wanted so overall I think there was a big jump in quality from here on. Plus wide screen looks so pweeedy.

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