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Zero No Tsukaima - Louise Tempting Saito [Updated]

zero no tsukaima смотреть бесплатно

[Update] Hi guys, love this scene. Here's an updated video with better video and audio quality than the previous one. This scene is extracted from "Zero No Tsukaima: Princess No Rondo - Episode 11" Awesome scene. Gosh, why can't they just be together??? Well, guess that's how the anime world works. Enjoy! Copyright Disclaimer: I own nothing in this video. Just sharing scenes from the original series, Zero no Tsukaima (Familiar of Zero). Light novel Written by: Noboru Yamaguchi Illustrated by: Eiji Usatsuka Published by: Media Factory Anime television series Zero no Tsukaima: Princesse no Rondo Directed by: Yū Kō Studio: J.C.Staff All rights reserved to their rightful owners.

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