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a r d i irena love

Memories Original Mix A.r.d.i. feat. Irena Love FULL TUNE!! Supported by Armin van Buuren ASOT 502, Aly & Fila FSOE 179, Manuel Le Saux Top 20 Tunes 352, ReOrder In Trance I Believe 083, Angel Ace Innertrance LXI, Pedro Del Mar Mellomania Deluxe 481, Haris C Positive Vibrations 326 & Electribe Be Around In A Trance 057.

Holy Jesus! I've been waiting so long for this one and finally it is released! ♥
This track is more than amazing! One of the best melody I've heard in a long time... and Irena's voice is so lush and sweet!
I know every sound and every word of it by heart... Wow, I love it so much! Just delightful and perfect! ♫ Definitely my Tune Of The Month!
A.R.D.I. is awesome producer, I'm proud he is from Poland :)) So please follow the buying link below and support my fellow compatriot :) Btw, thanks mate for sending me the lyrics, it means a lot :)
I hope that you'll enjoy the full version my friends :) Leave a short comment at least, it will be much appreciated! Thank you very much!

Oh, recently somebody sent me a PM and accused me of being hypocritical person, because I don't support the artists legally. Oh really dude? Too bad I removed your PM... I hope you\'re watching this video.

That's all. Ehh...

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All rights reserved to A.R.D.I., Irena Love & Silent Shore White label.
Release date: 25-Apr-2011
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Певец: A.r.d.i. feat. Irena Love

Песня: Memories (Original Mix)

Длина файла: 08:05

Дата добавления: 2014-10-18

Текст просмотрен: 883


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A.R.D.I feat. Irena Love - Memories (Original Mix) [+Lyrics] [HD]
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